Thinkpad TrackPoint and Mouse Problems

Thinkpad TrackPoint and Mouse Problems

Post by MBI » Wed, 10 May 2006 06:35:22

Older Thinkpad running a vanilla Win98. I tried to jazz it up by
adding a mouse with a scroll wheel (whoopee). The packaging said it was
Memorex but the results tells me it was just ex. The software and
drivers got hung-up in the install, so I backed it out, and threw it
all away. Everything was back to normal until I re-booted. Got BSOD
while the Sys Tray was being populated. Using MSCONFIG, was able to
determine that the TrackPoint driver was causing the problem. Took
that out of the starting line-up and everything worked fine. Since the
Trackpoint doesn't function when a mouse is connected to the serial
port, no big problem.
However, that device is probably not enabled, so I would like to get it
fixed, since I suspect I am going to need to use it to fix the next

I bought and installed a Belkin mouse (with scroll wheel) and while it
installed and now works, there is a Yellow exclamation point next to it
in the Device Manager and the listed manufacturer in Devise Manager is
that of the mouse that failed, not Belkin. So I need to get that
cleared up too. Don't want to work on both at the same time, cause I
don't know all the keys to push to make this thing work. Very
dependent on the availability of a point and click device.

I've read where you can remove a device via the Device Manager, and
Windows will reinstall it, plus the drivers on a re-boot. How does one
do this to make sure everything is off that should be off, and Windows
has a clean slate to start with, but also making sure that too much
isn't taken off and Windows still has something to work with. I have a
floppy with the Belkin drivers, but all the TrackPoint drivers were
pre-installed long ago, by IBM. Really hate screwing around with
removing system stuff. Always dread that it may not come back.

I assume I should do this complete routine for each device, separately,
starting with the TrackPoint?

I reckon this is all written up some place, so just point me in the
right direction if you're running short on time.

Also, is there a reference I could go to that would tell me all the
operational keys they used to use before the mouse was invented? Does
anyone use them anymore?


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Usually my Trackpoint works just fine. But after my notebook returns
from hibernation or standby the Trackpoint won't activate. That means
the Point itself and it's three buttons don't work. The touchpad is
working all the time. The curious thing is that if I turn and return to
standby or hibernation another time the trackpoint is sometimes working
again. Has anybody had this problem yet?

Im running a TP R40 Pentium M 1300, Windows XP Pro, latest trackpoint
and touchpad drivers.

Yours, Tilmann

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