Microsoft continues to support Windows 98 (was: Windows 98 and Security Patches)

Microsoft continues to support Windows 98 (was: Windows 98 and Security Patches)

Post by MEB » Sat, 16 Dec 2006 15:40:14

| >
| > Located in rtmgdr/
| Have you run dependency walker on any of those?

Not on this test bed "authorized" OS, thought you or someone else might.

| Of the few that I've done, there's really no warnings or problems with
| them as far as I can tell.
| Except that they seem to reference userenv.dll - which doesn't seem to
| be a native Win-98 file (and for which I don't have on my system).
| My system (and IE6) continues to function just fine.

The userenv.dll call has been with IE 6 / OE since the original
installation. You're correct in stating it is not native to Win9X.
You should also have noted other illegal function calls and two other
missing dlls: APPHELP.DLL, and UXTHEME.DLL.
All three are native to NT 5+ [possibly 4SP6, not sure though]. Unless those
was corrected [not likely].

The querry is run through Dependency Walker by starting the prog and "Open"
IE. The same for OE. [You know this, this is for others]

Another check should be run on the main Explorer, explorer.exe, as this is
where many failures will show, if there are any, and effect almost all
programs [as they use most of the same sets of dlls and function calls].
It should show the missing apphelp.dll and userenv.dll called via
shlwapi.dll (corrupted in the initial IE update if I remeber correctly) and
an illegal function call in ole32.dll - CoWaitForMultipleHandles, and one in
shell32.dll - SHBindToParent [unless they were fixed]. anything more and
you'll have a potential indication of additional problems.

This querry is for you:
What programs did you test through Dependency Walker?

| As for this:
| For which this file is offered:
| Windows2000-KB923689-x86-ENU.EXE
| I'm not really sure if Win-98 can make any use of this patch.
| The issue here pertains to Windows Media Player. The patch above
| includes this file:
| WMVCORE.DLL 8/15/06 (August?) version
| Mine is version built by: lab03_dev(bld4act).
| That seems to be the only file being replaced by the patch.
| Seems strange that this patch would include what appears to be an old
| version of WMVCore.dll.
| There are many reports on the net about that particular patch not
| installing correctly.

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