Please help Serch roblem In 98...

Please help Serch roblem In 98...

Post by Liju Raja » Thu, 16 Oct 2003 21:20:31

Actually I work for Medical Transaction Company.
I save many .txt files in a folder named my files.
It has many text files. To find some specific file
containing certain words,
I used the find tool and typed the words like chest,
abdomen chest x-ray.
The find tool could find matches for the text I gave. But
it also listed some files which
does not contain the words it self. I have to go through
many text files.
But this problem of getting files which doesn't contain
the word is taking much of my time.

Please help me in this matter. do we have to make any
changes OS or something else.
Thank you,
Liju Rajan

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