Post by anonymou » Sun, 11 Apr 2004 22:33:56

i need help.........I have windows ME
when I turn on the computer it starts up and as soon as I
click on anything on the desk top it goes to a blue screen

and reads.....An error has occurred file name vmm

error 0E 0028 c0283c3c

thanks for the help


Post by Joan Arche » Mon, 12 Apr 2004 01:20:41

See if anything here helps.

"ERROR: OE" or "ERROR: OD" ;en-us;308366

How to Troubleshoot Windows Protection Error Messages [Q149962] ?scid=kb;EN-US;Q149962

Here's a whole page on Windows Protection Errors, with a description, some
key general articles for approaching them, and many articles focusing on
specific situations:

"How to Examine Detailed Error Messages in Windows Millennium Edition" ;[LN];264938