Forgotten admin user password

Forgotten admin user password

Post by BBCo » Fri, 12 Sep 2003 00:14:20

I have forgotten the administrator's password (also my
user account) for my Windows ME machine. Is there a way
for me to over ride this account and re-establish a new
account (with new credentials) without completely
reinstalling the operating system?

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Hi, I am trying to resurrect an old laptop and its been over a year since i
used it last. I stupidly didn't write down the password to log on, and don't
know what the admin password was either. I tried the default of
'Administrator' without any password--no luck. I tried to hit f8 or f5 (one
of them worked) and asked it to boot from disk but it isn't picking up the
recovery disk in the drive.

Does anyone know how to break into this laptop and reset the admin password?
The only thing I can get to is the Windows Log On and I'm stuck.

Thanks in advance!

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