Attn Mike M or others

Attn Mike M or others

Post by Shan » Wed, 21 Apr 2004 13:04:11

Ok Mike,
It seemed as though my computer problems started around a
month or so ago after I deleted some Java system files.
The problem seemed to get much worse over the past week or

My biggest problem at this point is that my computer
continually freezes up while I am online. It usually
happens when I am trying to move to a new location.

I get many error "boxes".
1. "WJ view "system could not find file"
This pops up every time I start my computer.

2. "DW caused an error in DW.EXE. DW will now close"
Also every time I start up.

3. "/explore error in USER.EXE."

I ran updated virus check and my computer looks clean??
Noel recommended I download adaware.
I did that and quarintened many files, but without change
after restarting computer.

What do you guys recommend I do???

Thanks for all your help

Attn Mike M or others

Post by Mart » Wed, 21 Apr 2004 19:14:53

Could just be!!

dw.exe = DownloadWare = Parasite!!

for description, symptoms, (especially stability problems) and removal

Good luck <g>



Attn Mike M or others

Post by Joan Arche » Wed, 21 Apr 2004 19:39:00

ave a look at this lot while you wait for one of the guru's there's quite
a lot for you to read.

1) WJ view
You need to scan your system for parasites :
Do You Have Parasites ?

If you find that you do download and install AdAware:

Open AdAware ... Read the Help file to configure it to best scan your
system. Click on the globe icon to download and install the latest
definition files. Then scan your system . You may or may not be told
that some files were in use and AdAware needs the system rebooted and
will run on startup ... if this is not the case advise you to reboot the
system and run AdAware again.

Info on parasites and how to prevent them can be found here :
Dealing with Unwanted Spyware and Parasites

The Parasite Fight

MowGreen [MVP]
*-343-* Never Forgotten
2) DW exe

3) user exe.
Take a look here for information on possible causes for the issue :

Bookmark this site for issues with IE and OE :

Sandi's Site
(Specialising in Internet Explorer and Outlook Express)

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