Accessing Guest OS resources from Host OS

Accessing Guest OS resources from Host OS

Post by Umh5c » Fri, 01 Apr 2005 23:31:08

We're looking at using Virtual PC for external contractors that already have
laptops and Virtual PC licenses. The question we have is whether or not
there is an opportunity for viruses, worms, or other types of malware running
on the host to affect the guest.

The planned configuration is to have a second NIC installed on the host with
Client for Microsoft Networks and TCPIP disabled. This way the host has no
network access, but the Virtual Machine configured to use the second adapter
does have network access. I've tested this and it works well. If we don't
enable shared folders, can malware on the host affect the guest?

Many thanks!

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I use Windows XP Pro with SP2 and a trial version of VirtualPC SP1. I
installed Debian linux as guest OS. The machin access the internet with a
router and has a fix IP: I add my Realtek ethernet card in the
Virtual PC settings and setup a fix IP for the guest OS (
I can ping the guest from the host and I can access the net from the guest.

My problem is that I can not connect with ssh to the guest. I always get a
connection refused error.

I can connect with ssh inside the guest OS.

What can I do?

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