1st NEXT-GEN Madden 2006 screens - 1st footage on April 23 on ESPN

1st NEXT-GEN Madden 2006 screens - 1st footage on April 23 on ESPN

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nlike the previous Madden teaser pic released by EA a few months ago which
was completely *pre-rendered CG*, these new pictures are most likely
realtime (especially Pic 1, definitally realtime) from the next-gen Madden
2006 game.

Pic 1
large: http://images.ea.com/sports/games/06/madden/nextgen/day1.jpg

Pic 2

Pic 3

[my speculation, guesswork]
probably the Xbox 360 version, running on pre-final hardware (ATI R500
graphics) or from older Xenon SDK hardware (ATI Radeon 9800 /R360 or Radeon
X800 / R420 series) from ATI but will also, obviously be running,
eventually, on PlayStation3 powered by an Nvidia graphics processor, as well
as Nintendo Revolution, powered by a different ATI graphics processor

[EA Sports]

"Along with finally providing an answer to the question of which player will
be picked first in the 2005 NFL Draft, the first hour of ESPN's Draft
coverage on Saturday, April 23, will also give the world its first look at
the next generation of videogames -- Madden NFL football will make its next
generation debut in a TV ad airing within the first hour of the broadcast,
which begins at 12:00pm ET / 9am PT.

The ad, which will run only one time during the broadcast, is a 60-second
preview of the photo-realistic graphics and heart-pounding football
intensity that is the essence of Madden NFL football -- an experience that
will come to life like never before on the next generation of video game
consoles. This is the future of Madden NFL football, and if you're a
football fan, this is a televised preview that is not to be missed. Set your
VCRs or digital video recorders so you can play back the commercial again
and again, because you may not believe what you're going to see.

The next generation of Madden NFL football is coming, and you can get your
first glimpse on ESPN during the first hour of the 2005 NFL Draft. Don't
miss it!"


Next-Gen Madden
EA to unveil first-look during NFL Draft. First screenshot!
by Jon Robinson
April 18, 2005 - EA Sports announced today that they will finally unveil a
first look at Madden NFL football for the next-gen systems in a commercial
airing this Saturday during the NFL Draft. No specific time was given, other
than stating that the commercial will appear during the first hour of the
draft (starting at 12PM EST) on ESPN.

"We have had a dedicated team working on next generation Madden NFL football
and we cannot wait for Madden fans to get a sneak peek at the experience
that awaits them," said Frank Gibeau, Senior Vice President of North
American Marketing for Electronic Arts. "An innovative and unparalleled NFL
football experience is what we've promised; and that is what we are going to

Check out the draft this Saturday to see Madden's next-gen

The 60 second ad will only

1st NEXT-GEN Madden 2006 screens - 1st footage on April 23 on ESPN

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New realtime nextgen Madden picture