Acer c300 Secondary Monitor

Acer c300 Secondary Monitor

Post by Grant Robe » Tue, 26 Jun 2007 07:12:26

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The option is probably missing because it is already on. Some software
hide unavailable options rather than dimming them as they should. Intel
has never been known for the best design in their user interfaces.

Check in { Control Panel; Display; <Settings> }. Is that secondary
monitor grayed out in the little arrangement window or does it look the
same as the primary monitor? Click on it. Is "Extend my Windows desktop
onto this monitor." checked? If it is not grayed out and the "Extend..."
option is checked but you still aren't getting any signal to your monitor
then you probably have a bad connection. All it takes is one or two
pins/wires to be bad for the monitor to say "No Signal." But the other
pins that the computer uses to detect the type of monitor may still be

I say all of this because my Acer C300 has a bad video connector. It
works with some cables but not others. The cables/monitors that won't
work with the C300 still work fine with other computers so they aren't
"bad" per se. My guess is that the "sockets" where the individual pins go
into get a little stretched out over time and then won't work with cables
that have slightly narrower pins. It is just a hunch, but one based on
plugging about a million different plugs into a million different sockets
over my lifetime.

First try the C300 with a different monitor (try several). If that works
then try getting a video extension cable (even if you don't need one).
This may have larger pins and work better with the C300. I haven't tried
this myself but it is worth a shot.

Acer c300 Secondary Monitor

Post by terry » Wed, 27 Jun 2007 01:34:21

Thanks Grant. I'd tried all the basic stuff. This is a work laptop, of
which we have two (both encountered this problem). Our IT Dept are not
much cop when it comes to certain software problems so I managed to get
admin rights on a standalone (off-network) userid.

What I discovered was multiple virtual Epson projector monitors (3 in
all). This would explain why on occasion I had to drag (using keyboard
shortcuts) an application window two or three screen widths before it
would appear on my laptop screen!

Anyhoo, I could not disable these in the usual manner so I removed them
using device manager and hey presto, I'm back in dual-monitor heaven.

I should have posted this late last week when I resolved the problem,
but it went clean out of my head.

Apologies and thanks again for your time.


terry h