Acer C300 Memory card reader error

Acer C300 Memory card reader error

Post by U29uU29 » Wed, 24 Nov 2004 07:39:04

Greetings to the group.
After installing the memory card reader in my acer c300 I cannot use it per
that gives me an installation error when inserting the reader in
the slot pcmia
IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
(Standard IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers)
in Generic CardBus Controller

The controllers are not installed for this device. (Code 28)

Install the controllers for this device again, make click in Reinstalling

If I press the controller's reassignment
then the error is this
Error in the installation of the device
The controller not this thought for this platform.

Some idea of as correcting the error

Acer C300 Memory card reader error

Post by Chris H » Wed, 24 Nov 2004 07:53:36

I don't have your Tablet PC, but if you have updated to Windows XP SP2 and
the Tablet PC Edition 2005, you might try reinstalling the SmartCard Reader
Driver and SmartCard Application.

The Acer support site lists both as the same as the original issue which
would be contained on your drivers CD which came with the unit. If that
doesn't fix the situation, I would contact Acer support.
Chris H.
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