ANN: Tablet Enhancements for Outlook 1.1 released

ANN: Tablet Enhancements for Outlook 1.1 released

Post by J. Tennyso » Tue, 28 Oct 2003 13:38:06

I have released Tablet Enhancements for Outlook version 1.1 today. The new
features can be found on if you view the product
description for Tablet Enhancements for Outlook.

This is a free upgrade to all 1.0 users regardless of their purchase date.
2.0 is still in progress, but this release addresses some of the usability
issues in the 1.0 release.

To obtain the upgrade, please have your product key or transaction id ready
and visit

J. Tennyson Einstein
Einstein Technologies

Add ink input to Outlook with Tablet Enhancements for Outlook! Only $19.99!

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The long-anticipated SDF 1.1 has been released!

Get it here:

The Help is here:

The official Press Release is here: %20press%20release.pdf


Chris Tacke, eMVP
Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member
Principal Partner
OpenNETCF Consulting

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