Windows 98 SE Hangs On Restart

Windows 98 SE Hangs On Restart

Post by Lou » Sat, 10 Jan 2004 23:49:07

I have a problem restarting Windows 98 SE. It will just
hang with the hard drive still runing and a message
that "Windows Is Shutting Down". Following
troubleshooting procedures found on the Microsoft Support
Website, I found that the culprit is a program named
BridgeDeCor.exe. When I disable its loading upon startup
through MSConfig, Windows restarts flawlessly. All I know
is that it is either involved in encryption or password
creation for my Linksys Powerline EtherFast 10/100
Bridge. My call to Linksys Support did not help to shed
any light on the problem.

The program is loaded from the registry upon startup. How
critical is it to the operation of the bridge?
Should it always be loaded upon startup and if so how can
I get around this problem? Any help would be deeply

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I needed to update two computers to 98 se to support
wireless cards. First went fine. Second PC got most of
the way through the upgrade and on one of the last reboots
the pc now hangs during the load of windows. It will go
into safe mode. In safe mode, I get a operation exception
on explorer, but I can still use the system. I checked
bootlog.txt and it gets to a point where it has done a TSR
query and then stops.

Any help to find the problem would be appreciated. I
can't uninstall the SE upgrade because the update never
finally finished. I did have the upgrade software save my
old system stuff so maybe there is some way to recover. I
need the system more than I need to be able to put in the
wireless card.

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