MSN Explorer 9 favorites "explorer bar"

MSN Explorer 9 favorites "explorer bar"

Post by ak1jNzc » Fri, 04 Mar 2005 07:39:07

I think I already know the answer to this question but I'm going to ask
anyway. In Internet Explorer 6 you can have your favourites displayed on the
left hand side of the browser window in an "explorer bar", this area can also
show search/history etc. I'm sure you're all familiar with it.

Anyway, in MSN Explorer 9 you can show your history on the left by pressing
Ctrl+H, so I was wondering if it's possible to show your favourites in the
same manner? I find it bizarre that this feature isn't (as far as I can tell)
available. I know you can add the "Links" area to your Dashboard but I find
this to be extremely limited and can't be used to show lots of URLs,
especially if they've been created in a folder structure.

Is there any way of showing your favourites in an IE6 style explorer bar.....?

MSN Explorer 9 favorites "explorer bar"

Post by Michael Ka » Fri, 04 Mar 2005 15:10:55

From what I gathered, no, it's not possible to have a favourites bar like
IE6's. You can click on the Favourites icon on the navigation bar, or modify
the dashboard as you pointed out, to achieve similar results. Hopefully that
feature will be integrated into future versions.

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