Axapta 3-tier with AOS

Axapta 3-tier with AOS

Post by QXhhcHRhIE » Fri, 17 Sep 2004 21:11:08


I am new to Axapta. I need to install Axapta AOS (thin client). I have
already installed Axapta as a 2-tier application (fat client) installed on
one machine.

Secondly, I would like to know the architectural difference between 2-tier
fat client and a 3-tier fat-client with AOS?. what is the basic difference
between the two? Can anyone please guide me on the above.

AX Novice

Axapta 3-tier with AOS

Post by alex » Sat, 18 Sep 2004 20:51:00

2-tier system has its own connections to both db and
--> Network utilization increases linearly when adding
clients and this works only in LANS with a lot of
bandwidth because everything is processed in the client
side. It is not possible to hide application files.

3-tier FAT client takes the application via AOS but uses
database connection of it's own.
--> Application files are hided behind the AOS, and there
is no locking problems when opening shared files. Some
code is processed in the AOS and some in the client. This
works only in LAN with a lot of bandwidth. We use this
configuration when conneting batch server to other servers
in the internal 1GB network .

3-tier Thin client uses everything via AOS and uses AOSes
capability to cache a lot of data and objects.
--> Both application and DB is hided behind one port and
there is minimumum amount of tarffic in the network. This
works fine in the LAN and remote connections if you have
latency under 50 ms. We install AOSes with two NICs, the
1Gbps one connected with DB and the 100 Mbps to the clients

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difference between 2-tier
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