Entitykeylist (return value from webservice)

Entitykeylist (return value from webservice)

Post by bmVzc2 » Fri, 24 Apr 2009 06:10:04

I have created a webservice that creates a purchase order, similair to create
sales order. When a purchase order has been created I get a PurchId in
return. Is there some way to customize what the webservice returns?

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I have a web service that has a xsd defined for a dataset. The xsd has all
of the proper tables/elements, constraints, relations, etc. and works fine
from the webservice standpoint. I have also defined certain elements in the
xsd to return empty when null.

Now I realize that this puts in some msprop attributes on those elements as
well as some codgen attributes all in place to help out the generation of
the typed dataset. And when looking at the dataset generated in the
webservice...it has the logic for the null values. All is well!

BUT, when referencing the webservice from an app, the proxy generated typed
dataset is not the same. It has no logic for the null values.

I noticed that when going to the webservice directly and requesting the
schema (webservice.asmx?schema=xxxx) the resulting schema DOES NOT include
all of the namespace information for the dataset generation. In other
words, not only is the namespace declaration missing, but all of the
attributes for the elements that were defined as returning "emtpy" when null
are missing. This explained why the proxy generated typed dataset was the
way it was.

My question...how (if at all possible) can this information be included in
the schema that is returned from the web service and thus returned to the
proxy generation?


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