Example of Axapta EP implementation

Example of Axapta EP implementation

Post by techno-2 » Sat, 21 Apr 2007 17:22:06

Hello. Who know example AX EP implementation? Please sent list to
Best regards.

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I have been trying to configure EP for Axapta 4.0 using WSS 2003 Sp-2 and the
instruction state: from Share Point Administration click Extend or Upgrade
virtual server, and then on the Virtual Server List to Click the name of the
virtual server to extend.

I am unable to click the name of the virtual server to extend. The list is
blank, and when I click the Complete List, the Websites 'Default Webiste' is
not clickable, and says 'Not Administratable'

Does anyone know why? Did I not follow the instructions properly?

Thank You

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