Microsoft CRM 3.0 compares to Axapta CRM?

Microsoft CRM 3.0 compares to Axapta CRM?

Post by Ryan Finne » Fri, 25 Nov 2005 13:50:12

Does anyone know how Microsoft CRM 3.0 compares to Axapta CRM?



Microsoft CRM 3.0 compares to Axapta CRM?

Post by John O'Don » Fri, 25 Nov 2005 15:18:56

if you find a good resource that compares the two systems please post here

John O'Donnell
Microsoft CRM MVP


Microsoft CRM 3.0 compares to Axapta CRM?

Post by Mike Fran » Fri, 25 Nov 2005 17:09:32

Axapta CRM is better ;-) Sorry just joking, honestly I don't know really.

I think it will depend on the situation. If you are implementing a new ERP system anyway it can be
better to have an integrated CRM. On the other side an advantage of Microsoft Dynamics-CRM is, that
you can take the data offline. If you need just a CRM system I would probably go for
Microsoft CRM 3.0.


Microsoft CRM 3.0 compares to Axapta CRM?

Post by CWR Mobili » Sat, 26 Nov 2005 05:54:31


I have worked with both.

As a CRM system I prefer Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Mostly because it is so
dynamic, integrated into Outlook and exchange and easy to use.

Microsoft CRM handles the concept of Solution Selling way better then
Axapta. Following the sales process of getting leads, communicating with
leads, turning leads into prospects and prospects into customers, this is
much better handled in Microsoft CRM. After sales (service) is also handled
way better in Microsoft CRM then in Axapta (talking about standard Axapta,
not about add-ons).

Microsoft CRM has a very deep outlook integration. It is even possible to
take your data offline, on your laptop when visiting customers. Every email,
fax, and other forms of communication can be traced in CRM when created from

When you talk about easy customisation, there is no match to Microsoft CRM.

But if you already have Axapta, and only need to view details about your
customers (customer info, order history, contact info, etc..) Axapta CRM
will do the job.

Creating and handling orders, integration into inventory and logistics,
invoicing, product catalogues, multi currency, and other ERP specifics are
much better handled in Axapta.

So depending on your situation, Axapta CRM can be enough. But if you really
want to integrate the CRM filosophy, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is your choice.

I am also very sure that there will be integrations between Microsoft CRM
3.0 and Axapta (either by ISV Partners, or by Microsoft) on a very short
term. The integration with Dynamics GP will already be available 90 days
after the official release of CRM 3.0.

Maybe you can explain your situation a bit more clearly so we can advise you
which direction to go...

Kind regards,

Erik van Hoof
CWR Mobility