Validation rules of product builder are not considered when dialog

Validation rules of product builder are not considered when dialog

Post by bWFy » Wed, 04 Apr 2007 20:26:01

*** Problem Description ***
When using the product builder with a validation rule, the rule is not
executed when the parameter "Hide dialog box" in the item table is set.

*** Steps to Repro ***

Repro is prepared on the Light Company demo data:

1. Select in PB the Spotlight model PB1_004
2. Press button Productmodels
3. Variable Shadetype Default Textile
4. Variable Halogenbulp Default HA-500W
5. Stay on one of the two variableline above
6. Press button Validation.
7. abpage Overview ,New line Validation type "Constraint"
8. Tabpage Condition.
9. Type Simple Simple condition Shadetype = Textile
10. New type Simple, New Simple condition Halogenbulb = HA-500W
11. Tabpage Message. Combination not allowed!
12. Create a new PB Item (based on PB-ModellingLamp item template)
13. Enable Autostart configuration parameter for this item (Item \ general
14. Model enable and Attach a PB Item to the Model.Also on the Item/General
mark Autostat Configuration.
15. Compile the model.
16. Create a Sales order on this Item.
17. System will now throw an Error message. "Cobination not allowed" This
is correct.
18. Go to the Item in the Itemtable/General. Mark "Hide dialog box"
19. Create a new sales line
20. Now the Aproval dialog comes up and you can aprove. This is wrong.
System should throw the same error message as before.

*** Expected result ***
When using "Hide dialog box" system should throw an error when a
"Combination not allow" is used.

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