3734.1 Unable to create activeX control

3734.1 Unable to create activeX control

Post by bWlzYX » Wed, 27 Apr 2005 05:53:41

On some computers when I try to edit a user documentation (F1 -> edit), the system comes with the following message:
"Unable to create activeX control - Microsoft Rich Textbox Control, version 6.0 (Class id: {3B7C8860-D78F-101B-B9B5-04021C009402}) - Is not on your system. Please check if the element is installed correctly.

Does anyone know what I need to do to solve this problem??

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I am also having similar problem in our MFC application with activex
control embedded in dialog box. I have built whole application in new
VS.NET 2003 environment and all other controls works fine other than
activex control. Thus application is giving lot f debug assertion
failed messages.

Once things which I realized is that window handle to this activex
control is null and thats where its not able to generate activex
control and throws error message. Can anyone help to troubleshoot.

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