4474.1 Axapta crashes when processing huge amounts of data in project module

4474.1 Axapta crashes when processing huge amounts of data in project module

Post by Ymt1MjAwM » Wed, 27 Apr 2005 07:10:11

When creating a project invoice with more then 10000 saleslines, axapta crashes
in the method which calculates the salestotals. This method is simular as clicking on the button totals in the invoice proposal. This only happens when we create a huge number of saleslines in het invoice proposal. With small amouts it works fine.

We tested this on 2-tier and 3-tier setup.
The server is a big mother so tat should not be the problem. We are running a MSSQL 2000 DB.

Any help would be great, because not being able to invoice is a major worry for customers.


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