9807.1 Axapta 3.0 SP2 3 tier: Really sloooooooow perfomance

9807.1 Axapta 3.0 SP2 3 tier: Really sloooooooow perfomance

Post by ZG1pdHJpcG » Wed, 27 Apr 2005 08:41:35

Hi everybody!

Got a very bizarre problem.

Just migrated from Zxapta 2.5 SP2 to 3.0 SP2. When starring in 2 tier mode, without AOS - everything works fine. When going to 3 tier fat client - perfomance slightly decreases. Switching to thin client - everything is LITERALLY frozen! I cannot even move a mouse cursor on the DB server!

I'm using the same configuration as it was before for 2.5: DB server Xeon 1 GHz-1.5 HB and AOS 700 MHz 1 Gb.With 2.5 it works... well, not perfect but works! Just switching to 3.0 - and it takes THREE minutes just to open the sales order list - and FIF *** minutes to start creation of a new S.O.!!!

Even if it's because of the poor hardware - it shouldn't be THAT slow! But I've tested it also on rather decent configuration: Db server TWO processor Xeon 2.6 with 1.5 GB and TWO processor AOS 2.8 with 2.5 (!!!) Gb. Guess what is the difference ? None! Not a single bit!!!! Well, maybe it takes now 10 minutes instead of fif *** - but in 2.5 it took just SECONDS!!!!

Yes, of course - the database is rather big, seven *** GB - but it's again the same size that was working with 2.5!

Honestly, I cannot figure it out: why changing the version itself makes the system work as if I'm using 8086 machine?! Definitely, it shouldn't be the case! Obviously, there are some parameters that are misconfigured! But what exactly? At this point I'm lost and would appreciate ANY help

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