8210.7 To Begin or not To Begin

8210.7 To Begin or not To Begin

Post by R29yZG9uY » Wed, 27 Apr 2005 08:00:13

Perhaps this all highlights the fact that Damgaard followed by Navision followed by MBS have not yet got to grips with providing the right kind of advice and direction that developers and consutants need to get up tp speed.

Like Mike and many others, I have mostly learnt from delving in to the manuals and running test scenarios to find out what Axapta does, and there are huge gaps in the documentaltion and help.

I also think that Technet should be in two sections, technical and consultancy, because there are also a lot of basic consultancy type questions in here. It shows that Technet is used by novices and experts alike to gain insight and ideas.

However, I do think it is useful for those of us with more experience to be able to point any one who is still learning in the right direction. I've been at this for nearly six years and I am still learning new things.

Gordon Brown
Lewmar Ltd

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