FS98 to FS2004 question

FS98 to FS2004 question

Post by Tony Vell » Wed, 08 Sep 2004 00:34:12

I bought FS2004 last week and installed it. Even setting "everything" on
minimum and sparse, the game jerks to a point where it is not fun running
it. So I uninstalled it and went back to my FS98. Obviously my CP is not
strong enough.

I have my FS98 installed with FSNavigator 2.1 which I got a million years
ago and they work just fine except that I would very much like to have more
European airports, etc. Is there any way I can use some of the FS2004
scenery; such as afri, asia, eure and eurw in my FS98? If yes, can someone
please tell me how to? In the meantime, until I get a new machine
(Christmas????), my brand new FS2004 will sit on a shelf. (Ironically, I had
Europe 1 and Europe 2, and Microsoft's Paris, New York, Caribbean and Japan
up to not long ago but gave them away when I decided to buy the 2004).

Thanks in advance.
Tony Vella in Ottawa, Canada

FS98 to FS2004 question

Post by noah » Wed, 08 Sep 2004 00:46:35


You have a couple of options.
1. You might be able to swap FS2004 for FS2002 which will
run on about anything that FS98 does.
2. Wait for Santa Claus.

There's not much chance of merging FS2004 into FS98.

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not fun running
Obviously my CP is not
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like to have more
of the FS2004
yes, can someone
(Ironically, I had
Caribbean and Japan
buy the 2004).


FS98 to FS2004 question

Post by John Hal » Wed, 08 Sep 2004 04:18:21

Actually the graphics engines for 2002 and 2004 are pretty much the same.
FS2004 uses the DirectX 9 set of 3D features which gives you a lot more eye
candy. Both 2002 and 2004 were much improved over FS2000 which was a total
dog and ran slow no matter what hardware you threw at it. If Tony's machine
was new when he bought FS98, then there is no chance that he will be able to
run FS2002 or FS2004 on the same hardware and have an enjoyable experience.
Tony, you need a new computer and a good 128 meg 3D graphics card to run
FS2004 well. Having said that, other than all the new planes, and the
beautiful scenery and clouds, and dynamic weather, the flying experience
with FS98 is just about the same.


FS98 to FS2004 question

Post by noah » Wed, 08 Sep 2004 05:11:42

hi John -
I've found FS2002 to run quite well on some rather lazy
machines, and who's to say that Tony's machine was new
when FS98 was released?

much the same.
you a lot more eye
which was a total
If Tony's machine
he will be able to
enjoyable experience.
graphics card to run
planes, and the
flying experience

FS98 to FS2004 question

Post by Tony Vell » Wed, 08 Sep 2004 06:35:20

i, I'm the original poster. My machine is a HP Pavilion 7935 and it's
about 3 years old. I have never installed any additional hardware on it (I
don't know much about this stuff) so I presume that both video and sound are
built-in -- someone told me "part of the mother-board (whatever that means).
It's a Pentium 1.3 with 1 gig RAM (whatever that means). I guess my
question was something like: can I copy some files for 2004 "scenery" folder
and paste them into the 98 "scenery" folder? Anything more complicated than
that is beyond me, I'm afraid. Thanks again.
Tony Vella in Ottawa, Canada

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FS98 to FS2004 question

Post by noah » Wed, 08 Sep 2004 11:13:31

i again Tony -

FS2004 is not going to run well on your present machine.
I hope that John would agree that FS2002 should.
It's not practical to cut/paste from FS2004 to FS98.
Wait for Santa Claus and fly FS98 for now. There really
is not a great deal of difference in the scenery part.

7935 and it's
hardware on it (I
video and sound are
(whatever that means).
I guess my
2004 "scenery" folder
more complicated than
FS98? If
a new

FS98 to FS2004 question

Post by Katy » Wed, 08 Sep 2004 12:21:13

Hi "Tony Vella" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >! On Mon, 06 Sep 2004


Your computer is HP Pavilion 7935 Athlon 1.3GHz / 40GB / 128MB, memory
is really low even for FS2002 and no it will not run FS2004 well...

And no you cannot copy FS2004 scenery in FS98 at all. I would advise
to wait for a new machine and make sure it has a 128Mb video card, 512
Mb of system memory, a CPU > 2.5Ghz better and preferably a PCI sound
card if you want to use FS2004 and enjoy it with reasonable quality

All the Best
Katy Pluta, MS_MVP for Simulators

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