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Post by R3VhbGRlbW » Tue, 25 Apr 2006 18:50:01

I'm having problem with seeing, printing the flight plans. FS9 just stop
working each time I try to check the flight plan and of course I cannot print

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Post by RobertV » Tue, 25 Apr 2006 22:04:03

Application stops responding or quits to desktop? Any error pop-ups or
entries in the event log (if using windows XP)?

Let us know a few things:

If you use an alternate web browser by default, set the default web
browser to Microsoft's Internet Explorer (you can change it back later)
and see if the flight planner works any better with that setting.

If you can create a plan without displaying the navigation log, can you
view the plan on the knee-board in the simulator?

Installed the 9.1 update from Microsoft's web site?

Identify any add-on scenery you have installed. Same with add-on aircraft.

Renamed fs9.cfg file (or moved it to another folder) and allowed FS 9.1
to automatically build a new one? You may have to set your OS AND the
Windows find/search function to show hidden and system files to get
fs9.cfg to show. In Windows XP it IS in a system folder that Windows
Explorer normally hides.

Using the noCD modification? Using NoCD modification version to match
pre or post FS 9.1 update? Uninstalled NoCD when you installed FS 9.1

Version of Windows?

Results of the video and sound tests in the DXDiag program (type
"dxdiag" in the Windows start menu's "Run" pop-up)?

System specifications like CPU, clock speed video accelerator chip set
and RAM level? Video and sound accelerator driver versions? Others with
same video accelerator chip set can compare driver versions with you.

Have you uninstalled and reintalled the simulator? Did you clear the
folders from your hard drive when it was unistalled (you may need to
reinstall add-ons AFTER you see if that helped)