starting only from the active runway

starting only from the active runway

Post by amR3Zy1yYW » Thu, 26 Jan 2006 12:26:02

On the go to airport screen , when I go to choose which gate or parking spot
I want to start from , all I get is the active runway .
I have already removed the FS9 cfg from the apps section , so that is not
the solution .
I have also noticed that when ATC is transmitting to other aircraft , then
the text appears twice on screen and you hear two voices !

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2. multi node active/active/active/active cluster

In a hypothetical scenerio:

I want 4 node, active/active/active/active cluster.
There are 4 sql instances installed on each node, with name SQLInstance1....

My questions:

1) Can I use just one virtual name, for example SQLVirtualServer and clients
can access sql instances in format SQLVirtualServer\InstnaceName? Or Do I
need to create separate pair or virtual name/IP for each sql instance?

How many total IP addresses/hostnames I will need in 4 nodes/instances

2) Each instance will be active on one node and other three nodes will in
stand by mode for that instance? Or there can be only on node in stand by for
each instance?

3) if there can be multiple nodes stand by, how it is determined which node
will take over in case of a failure?

I would really appreciate any responses.

Thank you.

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