Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Juare » Fri, 05 Oct 2007 19:50:14

I read on a web forum that there is going to be no upgraded DX10 graphics
for FSX. The better DX10 graphics they have been showing were just artist
renditions. Anyone else heard this too?

Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Willia » Fri, 05 Oct 2007 20:54:59

There is an update and an expansion pack being released..that forum is
passing on in accurate information..

read here for more details



Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by scott s » Sat, 06 Oct 2007 04:43:52

William < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in

I believe some effects which were depicted in the artist rendition
did not make it into the DX10 sp2 code. But there are some
changes which improve the graphics, and some which allow higher
graphic slider settings in DX10 with comparable frame rates.

scott s.

Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Juare » Sat, 06 Oct 2007 18:49:11

And that is the article on the forum I read was referring to. Read the
below 2 paragraphs. There are going to be no wiz-bang DX10 graphics added
to FSX like they had you all believing. They even apologize for it in that

Because of these two issues, we are labeling the DX10 support a review in the UI. We expect it will add value; but we are not expecting the DX10
path to replace the DX9 path as the primary experience in FSX and expect
third parties to author to the DX9 path in the large. And yes most add-ons
should continue to work in the DX9 code path in Acceleration/SP2, as long
as they don depend on the old BGL compatibility path. An example that no
longer works is the B-307 Stratoliner, it uses a decal alpha technique
that we didn get re-enabled in either DX9 or DX10 after the re-plumbing
work involved with SP2.

I know some are going to be disappointed, and some disappointment is
reasonable. I will be the first to state that Aces releasing the magic
screenies was flat out a mistake; but us not matching that level of
ision( and that is what the magic screenies were ) is not a cause for
a flame war against Aces or DX10. I should note, for instance, that the
DX10 code path performs better under load than the DX9 code path, and this
means the DX10 features are more useable. And DX10 does look better, both
in the *** pit and in the world.

Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Juare » Sat, 06 Oct 2007 18:50:32

Yea, and they never mentioned what they showed before were just artist
renditions. They had everyone believing that they were actual in-game
screen shots from the DX10 version.

Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Tony Sperl » Sat, 06 Oct 2007 20:06:41

don't agree about the 'renditions', I do believe it was stated they were
not screenshots. Anyhow, there were no DX10 enabled graphics cards available
and no drivers at the time, so they would have to be interpretations of some

I still believe the developers were certain they could create a
compatibility-layer that would allow us to install the sim on any kind of
graphics subsystem, DX9 or 10, and that each would handle everything in a
seemless fashion for the stuff that the individual card and version

This may have failed, or they just decided it was too much work to have
everything behaving flawlessly at the same time, and that a subtantial
amount of work, money and pain would be better invested in the next
generation FS (FSXl?) Hang on for five more years!

I am not converting to Vista, so I am not getting any DX10 - therefore I
decided some time ago that I'd better just stay with FS9. I don't suspect I
will come to regret it. I have to say, the Demo ran perfectly on XP x64, but
I had visual disturbances from watching it for more than 15 min. - I lost
the abillity to keep my focus, and it took about three hours to re-appear.
This was a nauseating experience that I've never had from anything else

You are right, this does not have the 'shine' and 'polish' of a successfully
finished product, but the team has been surprisingly frank and up-front
about many things. And it does seem that the SP2 will include significant
'fixes' for a number of the most pressing issues we've heard about here, + a
much needed speed-boost?

Tony. . .

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Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Juare » Sun, 07 Oct 2007 21:58:08

On Fri, 05 Oct 2007 13:06:41 +0200, "Tony Sperling" <tony.sperling@db

I believe Nvidia had DX10 cards out when FSX came out. I didn't buy FSX
because I read too many horror stories about poor frame rates and install
issues. Poor frame rate is something I can't tolerate. Nausea is usually
caused by poor frame rates in 3D games. Your brain is expecting one thing
but your eyes are seeing something else. Anyway, FSX is not all it was
cracked up to be and I'm glad I didn't buy it. I do have Vista but not a
DX10 card yet.

Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Billy Bo » Mon, 08 Oct 2007 02:43:01

> I believe Nvidia had DX10 cards out when FSX came out. I didn't buy FSX

I'm glad you didn't buy it, too, so we won't have to listen to you whine
about poor performance. People like you who read only what they want to read
into articles that clearly are speculating about features in an upcoming
release are usually the source of the majority of the misinformation on the
web. If you stay with FS 2000 with current hardware, your frame rate will be

Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Vic Baro » Mon, 08 Oct 2007 03:29:26

What some people do not understand is the difference between 15 FPS in FS9
and 15FPS in FSX. The *number* may be the same but the overall experience is
totally different. I'm one of those people who had little or no trouble
installing and running FSX on my old system (P4 3.4/2Gram/GF47900/512) or my
new system(q6600 3.6/gf8800 640). With the old system it was great, now it's
fantastic. I wish I'd been one of the lucky ones who beta tested
Acceleration because I can't wait to get it.

There are some people who are only interested in frame rate *numbers* or
3DMark scores and will never like FSX - mainly because they aren't
interested in the total flight experience, just benchmarks.

Through the years I've read all the horror stories about evil Microsoft and
the awful flight simulator version ( fill in the #) - happens every release.
Over time I've determined there are several groups - the framerate junkies,
the *I hate anything MS makes* group, the totally inept who do not deserve a
computer( sadly in the majority), the educated user who has legit problems
and the lucky ones, like me.

What I find interesting is that throughout all the releases, I have been in
the lucky group - coincidence? - I think not..

What irritates me the MOST is those people who start their post with
"EVERYONE KNOWS" it's a POS or "EVERYONE" is having problems or those who
obviously just like to jump on the anti MS bandwagon.

I just can't wait to hear the complainers after Acceleration is released.

Is FSX perfect? Not by a long shot but it's far and away the best flight sim
available. After many thousands of hours of flight time IRL, I find the
experience literally as real as it gets.

Soap box off!

Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Grand_Poob » Mon, 08 Oct 2007 04:25:52


You certainly won't get an argument from me Vic. I tried various
methods to tame the wild FSX and at one point even tried to give up and
shelve it. I kept thinking of "just one more method to get it to work".
Finally, I have it working. My four year old computer certainly isn't
the fastest, and won't run FSX with sliders past midpoint, and I haven't
a clue what my frame rate is. I just don't care. If the sim will run
correctly, load up, present scenery without freezing (for more than a
half-second here and there) then I just enjoy.

I'm happy with it, and interested in any improvements, service packs,
etc. that M$ wants to issue, but I'm with you fully -- if it runs and
looks OK to you - who cares what the frame rate is.

I don't have any flight time IRL, other than a monthly spin (unlogged -
for obvious reasons) around Da Nang with a very close friend and IP F-4
pilot during the Vietnam Thing.


Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Juare » Tue, 09 Oct 2007 15:16:22

Ah, knew it wouldn't take long for a Microsoft shill to show up.
Misinformation would be showing pics of what to expect from the DX10
upgrade and then back-tracking on that promise and delivering something
completely different. People who buy products because of empty promises
are fools.

Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Juare » Tue, 09 Oct 2007 15:18:50

What a load of crap. 15fps is 15fps. Just as 50mph is 50mph no matter what
road you are driving on. And any flight sim that runs at less than 30fps
can not give a believable representation of flight.

Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Grand_Poob » Tue, 09 Oct 2007 22:26:20


It's always sad to see someone so sure of themselves be so uninformed.
Read up a bit on what the human eye can and can not discern at frame
rates over about 18 FPS. Vic was entirely correct in his comment and if
you had taken a much nicer tone I am sure he would have tried to explain
to you what he meant. I'm going to try.

Since FSX appears to have a much more responsive video engine, it can
get much more into a single frame than the previous simulators like FS9.
FS9 would give you 15FPS and a nicely drawn scene but there really
wasn't a load of detail to see. On the other hand, FSX crams a great
deal of detail AND smooths surfaces MUCH better than previous flight
sims. So, if you get 15FPS in FSX it *APPEARS* to your eye as having a
much richer, more full video rendition. Going back to your "50mph is
50mph" statement: if you keep one eye closed for your first 50MPH run,
and open both of them the second time you will notice a great deal more.

So, don't get hung up in the great FPS rate debate and either enjoy what
you are using now. Since you didn't buy FSX, why are you complaining?


Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Vic Baro » Wed, 10 Oct 2007 02:20:51

Your email address says it all -

non functional invalid - not to insult any invalids out there.

You are SO wrong but alas, your mind is made up and you are too stupid to

BTW, how many real time hours have YOU logged? Wanna compare logbooks? From
the tone of your writing I would venture a guess that I have more hours
logged in real time than you have in breathing.

You're just an anti MS shill!!!!!

PLONK bozo!

And that was my *nice* response.


Where's the DX10 update for FSX?

Post by Juare » Wed, 10 Oct 2007 09:19:52

Yea, it's really sad when I've read plenty of articles on the subject
matter and you still get nimrods claiming that you don't need anymore than
24fps in a computer game because that is what movies are filmed at. But
claiming we don't need more than 18fps takes the cake for dumbass of the
year award. Eyes can't detect? What are your eyes connected to? Yea, your
brain. The brain can detect far more than 18fps. Ever hear of a little
company called 3DFX? They themselves said way back that you need 60fps to
get fluid motion in a computer game. That's right. 60fps!!! There are
plenty of scientific articles on the web that explain why we can detect
more than 18fps. It's you who is a misinformed moron and not I.