ADSI(LDAP) - NG:Win95/98/NT4.0(OK:Win2K/XP)

ADSI(LDAP) - NG:Win95/98/NT4.0(OK:Win2K/XP)

Post by silve » Mon, 06 Dec 2004 01:19:48

The LDAP server is using SunONE5.2.
VB6.0 and ADSI2.5 are being used for the acquisition method.
Although normally acquired in Windows2000/XP,
it will become an error in Windows 95/98/NT4.0.
(ADSI2.5 and VB run time are installed)

It is automation error. - Native as this data type Conversion between DS
data types cannot be performed.]
[438 : object is not supporting this property or method.]

In addition, "abc" is the extended attribute.
Please teach me a solution.

Dim i As IADs
Set i = GetObject(url)
For Each x In i
Debug.Print x.Name ' OK
Debug.Print x.Get("abc") ' ERROR [8000500c]
Debug.Print ' ERROR [438]

ADSI(LDAP) - NG:Win95/98/NT4.0(OK:Win2K/XP)

Post by maxv » Thu, 09 Dec 2004 23:18:52

Their is a newer version of ADSI for NT 4 than 2.5, you would need to
install the Ds Client for Windows NT from the download site:

Take a look at the link, I think you will find better versions of ADSI
client. Get the most current version of the client and try again...

Max Vaughn [MS]
Microsoft Developer Support

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