2003 LAN problem

2003 LAN problem

Post by SGFyb2x » Thu, 19 May 2005 07:06:03

Server 2003 SP1
Multi NIC's
Wireless internet connection (functional)
standard 10/100 cards (2)

question: I have attempted to set up a LAN with several different
configurations, none successful. I am trying to connect my workstations to my
server via RJ45 and my Server is connected to the internet over a wireless

I tried routing and remote access and it didnt work. When I plug a cable
into the NIC the red X will not go away. Its as if it is not recognizing that
I have plugged a cable in there. The NIC is fully recognized and drivers are
installed. I can get a connection inbound to work if I plug into my router
with the hardwire, however, when I try to use that NIC as the gateway for the
other computers behind the server, thats when I am running into problems.

I tried a simpler approach and disabled routing and remote access, and tried
setting up internet connection sharing, with the same unsuccessful results.
Nothing I do seems to allow me to use my server as a gateway for the

I followed all the help files for routing and remote access as well as DHCP
and all of them for ICS as well.... no luck getting rid of that red X on the
taskbar for the non-wireless NIC. The RJ45 is plugged into a dumb hub
correctly, and then my workstations connect to the hub.

any clues?