Create Exchange public folder programmatically

Create Exchange public folder programmatically

Post by mart_n » Thu, 18 May 2006 22:18:41


I'm programming in VB.NET against Active Directory and need to create a
Public Folder in Exchange.

So far, just about everything that's available in adsi edit, is
something I can program. Like Address Lists and such.

The entries in the Public Folder however, end in a sort of "dead end".

I can easily browse the Exchange Public Folder using WMI in my VB.NET
code. And all other Active Directory objects I need to create or edit,
where done using LDAP.

Browsing is one thing, adding a new item seems to be virtually
impossible. I cannot find any information so far on how to accomplish
this. I have found articles explaining how to make certain entries
"mailenabled" but not how to make a whole new entry in the Public

So.. How do I create an entry in the Exchange Public Folder
"programmatically" ? I prefer to do this within VB.NET code, but if I
have to execute a script in another language that's fine with me also.
If WMI is not the way and there is another way I'd like to know!

If this is not the right place to ask, please advise on which group to

Kind regards,

Create Exchange public folder programmatically

Post by MVP - AD » Thu, 18 May 2006 23:49:57

Are you saying you want to create some data in the public folder store, or
create a new public folder.

If you want to place objects in the public folder store, you are doing
Exchange programming, not AD/LDAP. For that, you probably want to use
Webdav. Check out the Exchange SDK.

Joe K.


Create Exchange public folder programmatically

Post by mart_n » Fri, 19 May 2006 02:03:38

Hi Joe,

I indeed want to add data to the public folder store. I came across one
of your earlier postings and read this was not possible with LDAP. I
also remember reading something about Webdav elsewhere but wanted to
make sure I didn't overlook something. And since I didn't want to do
something web-related it sounded like the wrong approach (if we're
talking web-based distributed authoring and versioning)

Since reading the data out of the public folder store was so very easy
with WMI and editting also seemed possible (like the mailenabled
property example) I sincerly hoped there was another way.

I assume that other way is Webdav ;)

I will look into it, and into the Exchange SDK. Good luck with your
book btw, should be out now I guess ;)