This Folder Only - Permission

This Folder Only - Permission

Post by UmFqZXNoIE » Sun, 19 Oct 2003 21:31:04

How can I set the folder permision, which i am setting to apply for "This folder only". i.e I do not want the permission to propogate to its children.

Is it AceType or AceFlag or AceMask? and what value.


Rajesh Abraham Chacko

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Hi guys. I have the following scenario. I am wiping my fileserver and
installing Windows 2003 from scratch. The OS resides in a mirrored drive
and the data resides on a separate raid-5 container. I would like to keep
the permissions on the data drive in the raid-5 container. What is the
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anyone done this using a script or robocopy or cacls? Your input will be
greatly appreciated.

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