hooking file system messages

hooking file system messages

Post by TUU » Mon, 27 Jun 2005 03:15:01

What I want is check every File relevant message / function (like a virus
scanner does), i.e. OpenFile Check for a file, listDirectoy, and stuff.
My intention is a "mapping" of files and folders, like the junction points,
but also usable on FAT.
Anybody knows where to start or what API calls to look up?!

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Hi there! I am installing a system-wide keyboard hook. I got it to work, but
it is failing to get keyboard events from Consoe windows. Surfin' the web I
found threads on this issue, but none with a solution (or a workaround). I
found an article in the MSDN (Article ID : 108232
URL: http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ;en-us;108232) Titled
'How To Hook Console Applications and the Desktop', however, it explained why
you CAN'T hook console (I might be missing something because of the language,
my natural language is spanish). The point is that I have seen programs
hooking on console windows, so what's the trick? what's the workaround?
please tell me. x_x <-- really worried boy

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