SendControlMsg - status text disappears

SendControlMsg - status text disappears

Post by Anu » Fri, 22 Jun 2007 16:11:59

Hi All,

I use SendControlMsg to set the text in status bar. The text appears
for a second and then disappears.

I am calling the method like this

m_pShellBrowser->SendControlMsg(FCW_STATUS, SB_SETTEXT, 0,
(LPARAM)mess, NULL);

Can someone plz help me what might be wrong with this?
I also tried "m_pShellBrowser->SetStatusTextSB(mess) but the same
Text apears and then goes off..
Thanks in advance for any help/more information.

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I have had the following scenario occur on more than one computer. All
computers were purchased the same time and are the same brand and model of
computer. All have Windows XP.

I will be working on my computer, and the top toolbar (basically where it
says the name of the page/document you are working on, and the minimize,
maximize, close buttons) will disappear. If I move my mouse over the
toolbar, and the buttons, I can get the buttons to reappear, but not the
toolbar. More frustrating is when text actually disappears. For no apparent
reason, text will disapper. A note often appears that says there is not
enough memory to run this application, but we do have 1 GB RAM. This has
happened in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word (2007), and even just Windows
XP. Today, I clicked on the Start menu and the word Start disappeared,
temporarily. Additionally, some of the words in the Start Menu also
disappeared, such as My Computer, My Documents, etc. They reappeared when I
moved my mouse over them.

We have Trend Micro as antivirus software. I updated the software and ran
an antivirus scan, with no viruses found. I located some information about
errors in the registry in regards to the top toolbar missing. I applied
those changes (basically deleting a particular value in the registry tree),
but the next day the toolbar went missing again.

We are running a program called WorkFlows from SirsiDynix, a library
automation system. This program runs on Java. I have read something that
Java might play a role, but I don't know what role. We have the most recent
version of Java installed on these machines.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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