HTTP 411 errors in weblogs

HTTP 411 errors in weblogs

Post by case » Fri, 03 Oct 2003 08:33:39

Since our website's "go-live" 3 days ago, our weblogs have shown that
about 1/3 of our site's unique visitors are getting HTTP 411 errors.
These errors are occurring with a SEARCH request type (as opposed to
GET or POST), and a platform/browser combination of WIN98/IE5.5 (log
details attached). Also, the SEARCH request occurs after the same
address has done a GET to our index.asp. This doesn't appear to be
effecting visitors from a particular region/network.

Crunching the weblogs also shows that approx 70% of visitors are on a
WIN98/IE5.5 combo, which is way above the 6-10% we experience with our
other hosted sites (hosted with same company, but on different

Has anyone else experienced similar problems, and if so, know of a
fix? Our webhost (Hostway) have initially said that it's a problem
with our code, however we beleive with the high WIN98/IE5.5 combo that
it may be a problem with the server (running win2kadv/IIS 5).

Many Thanks,



Attached weblog entries

2003-10-01 00:35:26 - W3SVC305 WSH144 80 GET /index.asp - 200 0 35594 190 250 HTTP/1.1 Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+5.5;+Windows+98) - -

2003-10-01 00:35:26 - W3SVC305 WSH144 80 SEARCH / - 411 0 233 43 0 HTTP/1.1 -
- -

HTTP 411 errors in weblogs

Post by Bernar » Fri, 03 Oct 2003 15:21:54

My guess is some scripted program looking
for exploit or digging info of you site.

411 - length required, as it's needed in a Search
verb. nothing much you can do...

what you can do is limit such query by installing
urlscan on accept only certain http verbs. say get/post.

Bernard Cheah
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