IIS6 EventLog and ASP.NET

IIS6 EventLog and ASP.NET

Post by Yoni Zo » Sat, 23 Apr 2005 01:18:26

Hi ,

Ever since our company switched to IIs6 we get security exception while
wrting to the eventlog. Anyone has an idea what should we do?
We can not work in iis5 compatibility mode that is out of the question.
Any other idea?


The appliaction tries to access the generic "Application" eventlog key.


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When I try to do it, I get the Message Below

Best Regards Anders Both


Description: The application attempted to perform an operation not allowed
by the security policy. To grant this application the required permission
please contact your system administrator or change the application's trust
level in the configuration file.

Exception Details: System.Security.SecurityException: Requested registry
access is not allowed.

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