Server does not see Edits from Front Page 2002?

Server does not see Edits from Front Page 2002?

Post by timcofonli » Fri, 25 Jul 2003 17:14:18

Hello Scott:

We are currently ivestigating a possible caching issue involving the FPSE on W2K3 Server and IIS 6. Can you post the following
information in ref to your current setup, or email me directly:

1) Was the IIS6 server a fresh install, or an upgrade from another OS (specify which OS)
2) What application are you using on the client: FP, VS, VS.NET, etc.
3) Is IIS6 running in IIS 5 Compatibility mode, or IIS 6 Worker Process Isolation Mode
4) <you already stated that notepad works; thank you>
5) Is the behavior the same if it is an .htm file? .asp file? .aspx file? etc.?

Thank you. I hope this information is helpful.

Tim Coffey [MSFT]

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| Subject: Server does not see Edits from Front Page 2002?
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| We just moved out Web to an IIS6 server and now when we use FP to edit the
| file, it does not change when we browse it. If we edit the file with
| notepad, we can see the change every time.
| Its not the Client Browser caching the page as we can access the page on a
| client
| that has not accessed the page and its still an old version.
| The only way we can reliably see the changes we make to a page is to save it
| as a different name.
| What Gives? This is making it really hard to develop pages!
| Thanks,
| Sco<t<-