8007000e Error - ASP/ODBC GetRecordSet

8007000e Error - ASP/ODBC GetRecordSet

Post by dHRob21wc2 » Sat, 25 Jul 2009 07:46:01

One of our websites is experiencing "8007000e Not Enough Storage to complet
the operation" when fetching a large record set using ODBC. The data source
is MSSQL. We have checked the code for the usual suspects - not closing
connections, not setting connection to nothing and cleaned that up but still
this erro happens. Once it does ASP is hosed and an IISRESET is the cure.

Has anyone had a similar problem and cured it? Are there setting on the
server or IIS that could be causing this. We are running out of leads to
follow. Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks.

8007000e Error - ASP/ODBC GetRecordSet

Post by dHRob21wc2 » Sat, 25 Jul 2009 07:48:01

Additional to this we are running W2k3 Server Web Edition.


8007000e Error - ASP/ODBC GetRecordSet

Post by Roberto Fr » Sun, 26 Jul 2009 23:50:07

On a couple of our Win *2K* (not 2k3) servers we see the same issue when
the inetinfo process in Task manager reports about 1.2GB - 1.4GB or RAM
usage. Any time this RAM usage is exceeded ODBC calls result in this
message. Our only solution is to recycle IIS (we use the utility
IIS5Recycle to do this when a specified RAM threshold is exceeded).

If by any chance this is your same cause, you could try using the
Application Pool properties for your App Pool in IIS to have the worker
process recycled after exceeding a specified max virtual memory size.

Roberto Franceschetti
LogSat Software
Makers of Spam Filter ISP

8007000e Error - ASP/ODBC GetRecordSet

Post by dHRob21wc2 » Wed, 29 Jul 2009 00:54:01

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately we are not seeing the same with RAM.
There's plenty of free ram when this happens.

We have (at least temporarily) Cirumvented the problem by running IIS6 in
IIS5 Isolation mode, but I not real happy with that. Perhaps our problem
stems from most of the code being legacy "classic" asp?

And thanks for the tip on the IIS Process rceyele tool. I'm going to have a
look at that.