Index Server on IIS 6 and UNC web sites stored on separate NAS server

Index Server on IIS 6 and UNC web sites stored on separate NAS server

Post by Chris Pope » Fri, 24 Oct 2003 08:43:52


Is any one using MS Index Server on IIS 6.0 that is
storing its web sites by using UNC names on a different
NAS server?

Is anyone using such kind of solution without any problem?

Is this a Microsoft supported solution?

I am asking this because I am confused of having opposite
answers from different sources. Recently I just saw a MS
webcast where this was presented as not supported, but I
have a couple of friends that told me that it is Microsoft

Are there any special instructions available for
installing and configuring MS index Server on this IIS6
and UNC NAS configuration?

Many thanks,

Chris Popescu

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2. possible to install index server on separate server than iis?

hi all,
i think i might have seen the answer to the question
on this ng or ms kb, but i can't find it anymore.

is it possible to install index server on a separate
server than where iis runs?
reason: i want to assign the work of index server queries
or even the indexing operation to a separate server,
relieving the iis machine from that work.

if so, how would the remote index server detect changes/inserts
in iis server files? how would it know the catalog is for
a remote iis (the www server dropdown in index server won't be
aware of the remote iis sites)? how would it consult the
"index this resource" options in the iis mmc snap-in on
the remote sites?

i think i might have seen somewhere that mirroring was
suggested to do this (perhaps by hilary). i'd appreciate
some elaboration on that.


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