256 Character Limit on Query string?

256 Character Limit on Query string?

Post by Tom » Tue, 14 Sep 2004 12:40:06

For some academic research I'm doing I'm hoping to use the
Indexing sevice on my Win2k desktop computer to search and
rank about 10Gb of text files I've indexed that I need to
filter through.

I am hoping to do some complex vector queries to really
find relevant files. It's worked so far, but I've run into
the problem that the standard search box/query page will
only accept a 256 character string, and I am hoping to do
some complex vector queries to really find relevant files,
and 256 characters isn't enough space.

Is 256 characters the limit on a query string?

Is there some straightforward workaround that a non-
programmer like me can use?

I've already tried increasing the maximum length of
UserSearchString from 100 to 1500 in ciquery.htm, which
increases what I can paste in, but I get Invalid Query
errors when the query is more than 256 characters.

Desperately seeking answers.



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I have written a small script that parses an (ugly) HTML file line by
line and converts the relevant information to CSV. During parsing, I
heavily use string concatenation to glue together parts of text that
belong together (but might be separated in the original file by tags
or newlines). In the code, the expression
$oldstring = $oldstring.$newstring
occurs very often.
Frequently, the strings get longer than 256 characters. At this point,
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it possible to avoid that?
Thanks in advance for answers on a (maybe very newbish) question

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