Open new window in new process

Open new window in new process

Post by Stev » Tue, 31 Aug 2004 15:33:21

When I open a link in a new window (right click and Open
in New Window) IE opens a new window but the window still
belongs to the same process. I want IE to launch a new
process! Also, I'd like downloads to be launched in a
new process! Any ideas?


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2. ie6 - cannot open in new window and links which open new window no longer work

Suddenly, ie6 refuses to react to right-clicking a link to
"open in new window" - I just get the hour glass and then
the page remains the same. In addition, clicking any
hyperlink that opens a window does not work - I've even had
to use Opera to write this message because ie refused to
open the "post a new message window". I've applied all the
patches, both to xp and to ie6, and I've re-installed xp.
What the hell is wrong? Anyone any ideas? In all my years
as IT professional I've never seen anything like this
before. Would be grateful for any pointers.

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