Outlook express account generation without DUN using .INS file

Outlook express account generation without DUN using .INS file

Post by Wille » Sun, 11 Apr 2004 04:50:56

Hi All,

I'm trying to automate the creation of e-mail accounts in Outlook Express. I
got the IEAK and read through the ISP sample script for creating .INS file
for setting up dialup settings and mail accounts and it seems great. But
when I strip the file to only a mail account it does nothing. When I add the
[Entry] section to the bare .INS file it works but with an error 'The
Internet Connection Wizard could not configure your computer for the
internet.' Which is something every user will call me about :(

MSDN, Deja nor the documentation of the IEAK give any fine details on the
.INS format so I ask you: is it possible to create a mail account without a
dialup connection?

I also found some info on the programming API for Outlook Express but all
interfaces are deprecated... Any info on creating account/identies this way
is also highly appreciated.


--- copy of use INS file
Entry_Name=IEAK Sample Serverless INS File
POP_Logon_Name = john.doe
POP_Logon_Password = mypassword
Email_Name = John Doe
Email_Address = XXXX@XXXXX.COM
Install_Mail = 1

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