Can get IEAK 7 to run manually or with SMS

Can get IEAK 7 to run manually or with SMS

Post by T. Smit » Sat, 11 Oct 2008 02:48:51

Hi there,

I've run IEAK, it seemed simple enough and ran it with the following
I'm running the IEAK wizard from a WinXP machine with SP2

Platform: Win XP w SP2 or VISTA
Auto Version Synch
Version on your machine = 7,0,5730,13
Latest version available on web: 7,0,5730,13
No custom Components added
No Browser Title and toolbar Customizations made
No Search Provider Customization
Important URL's - Retain previous Home Page (Upgrade) is checked
No changes for Favorites, LInks and Feeds
Welcome Page - Disable the Internet Explorer first run page IS selected
Only change on rest of wizard is
Sign-up method - No Sugn-up selected

Now when I just try to run the file that is created under:
Flat\win32\EN\IE7Setup.exe nothing appears to happen

If I also try to run
it appears to run, and in Application event viewer says it installed
correctly, but IE6 is still installed, and even after a reboot is still

What's up??? I've tried on several machines. The problem isn't SMS, as I'm
just trying to initially run directly from the directory...

Have I done something wrong (likely???)...

Any help appreciated!!!