BHO Invoke problem

BHO Invoke problem

Post by Mr. Burn » Fri, 14 Dec 2007 19:31:59


I have devloped an Browser Helper Object (BHO) which holds a child browser
as GUI.
In the SetSite method I have created an event sink using Advise(...) for the
main browser window to notice my BHO on main browser events.
The same I did for the child browser. It works fine so far.
Now my problem. Because ther is only ONE Invoke method for my BHO all events
for both browsers are handled by the same Invoke method.
For some DISPID_XXX I can distinguish the browser which sent the event by
evaluating the pDispParams->rgargv[1] parameter.
But for DISPID_STATUSTEXTCHANGE I cannot, there is no parameter I can check
which browser causes the event.

How can I check now which browser sends the STATUSTEXTCHANGE event even I
have only one Invoke method?

Thanks for any help!

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Hi all,

I'm trying to create a BHO which catches script errors for logging.
Basically, this article describes how to do it: ;en-us;261003

In short, the BHO implements IOleCommandTarget, and the Exec
method will be called by the browser upon a script error.

But the method is never called (and neither is QueryStatus).
I'm aware of the "disable script debugging" setting in IE, and this is
NOT the cause (I've tested with the setting on and off, and I
furthermore insert script error handling code in the document
which bypasses the setting).

My BHO loads ok, it implements IOleCommandTarget, and when I
QueryInterface the IUnknown parameter I receive in my
IObjectWithSite.SetSite method, it contains IOleCommandTarget.

The strange thing (at least to me) is, this QueryInterface check also
contains IOleCommandTarget when I DON'T implement this interface.
Does anyone see some hint in this which can explain my problem?

Also, is there some special setting in the registry I need to set to make
IE understand that I'm implementing IOleCommandTarget?


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