broken links

broken links

Post by Fold » Sun, 10 Oct 2004 09:03:40

All of the sudden, I can't link from within a window or an e-mail message.
For example, someone sends me a message with a link. I click the link and
get a frame of a browser window, but nothing else. The mouse cursor remains
busy until I close the incomplete window. I am able to copy shortcut by
right clicking the link and then pasting it in address bar of new window.
The same thing happens when I try to link off of a web page that opens in
new window.
I have IE6
Win 98se
Any thoughts??

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I have a web photo gallery on my web page I created with Iphoto better html. The first time I put the web photo gallery files into DW, they where too large so I replaced them via the Iphoto gallery maker with the same gallery files except smaller image files. The web page works fine, all link are good I check the paths etc. it all looks ok, EXCEPT when I check with the broken link feature, all the links in that gallery show as broken. Question: 1. Can this be a result of removing files from outside DW instead of from within?
2. If the web page works fine does it matter? or wil the problem show up once I upload it to my site server?
3. How can I get rid of these broken links?
4. Suggestions and thought about what is going on?

Thank you so much

Joe L

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