IE 6.0 AK upgrade over IE 6.0

IE 6.0 AK upgrade over IE 6.0

Post by Crai » Sun, 04 Jul 2004 12:03:16

I am pushing a customized version of IEAK 6.01 SP1 via SMS to client devices
at work. Some people have admin rights on laptops and have downloaded IE
6.01 SP1 on their own.
I wanted to get everyone in the company on the same source code.

When I install the customized version of IE 6.01 SP1, it doesn't look like
it makes an changes to the original install. For instance, the proxy and
home page don't get updated. I trying running in repair mode and had no

Is there any way I can upgrade, or do I need to the remove the downloaded
version before installing my IEAK load ?

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Hi Al :-)

At this point you may have what MS MVP Noel Paton calls 'version soup',
which means, you may now have a mix-up of the versions from your many
unsuccessful attempts to install IE 6.0. ;-)

I'm crossposting my reply to the microsoft.public.windowsme.general, where
Noel is a regular responder, in the event he may wish to provide additional
information on this. (Hi Noel! .....must be Saturday! <vbg>)

You should first reinstall your version of E 5.0 to make sure that you are
starting with a clean slate before attempting any more installs of the IE6.
Here are some sites that will provide information on how to repair your IE,
and how to install the IE6.

How Do I Install/Uninstall IE? ~winnoel/ReInIE.htm

How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express ;EN-US;Q318378

The Internet Explorer Repair Tool #repair_tool
How to Use the Internet Explorer Repair Tool

If these steps do not resolve your problem, please post back to this thread
with the details and any error messages.

Hope this helps

Jan :)
Smiles are meant to be shared,
that's why they're so contagious.

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