IE keeps disappearing

IE keeps disappearing

Post by Todd » Mon, 21 Jun 2004 05:27:37

Every time I open IE it stays on for about 2 seconds then disappears---no
error message or anything. I checked out my Event Viewer but it did not
register in their. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

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Hello everyone,

One of our servers suddenly started loosing all of it shares (not only the
administrative ones).

The Server service (services.exe) keeps dying without putting any entries
into the log - and this kills the Distributed File System and Computer
Browser services.

Understandibly, without these services running, the shares are not

The Server service (services.exe) can be manually started, which makes the
shares available again, but after a short while it dies again without any
log entries.

The server is running W2K Server SP4, with all additional patches applied,
MS SQL Server 2000, and a document management software. The load on the
software is pretty low - only 30 users, with intermittent access. Memory

The hardware is a Compaq ML350 G3 with Compaq 642 RAID, single Intel Xeon
2400 (hyperthreading disabled), 1GB RAM.

Extensive googling did not produce any usable answers.

I will appreciate any pointers deeply,
Thanks in advance,
Arifi Koseoglu

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