IE6 Failed

IE6 Failed

Post by davi » Fri, 05 Mar 2004 18:18:15

I have been attempting to install McAfee Internet Security on a
friend's system that use to host Norton Internet Security. Norton left
a few registry keys lying around that McAfee objected to. Well, I
finally found and deleted these last night along with any other
Norton-looking keys I could find. After some messing about, I have now
installed McAfee to my satisfaction. Problem is that now IE6 isn't
working. It definitely was working earlier in the evening as I had to
access the McAfee web page for help. Now when I try to start it up I
get an internal error type of dialog, inviting me to send the error to
Microsoft (which I did). I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling IE
from the XP disc using the optional components machanism to no effect.

I suppose it's possible that I inadvertantly deleted a registry key
which IE is using, but I didn't think so.

I would be willing to try a re-install of XP, but I don't want to do a
cold install (i.e. disk reformat and XP install) as emails, address
books and other installed applications would be lost.

I would be really grateful for any ideas anyone might have.