ie6 sp1 hangs when accessing some sites

ie6 sp1 hangs when accessing some sites

Post by Estryn Geo » Thu, 09 Oct 2003 06:06:21

I use IE6 Sp1 on a W98 SE computer. Suddenly, it has started to hang
whenever I try to access the site of my ISP ( -- I live in
France. I can also not access the site of another ISP (
Finally I cannot launch the browser from a link to, but I can
get there by using the google toolbar. It accesses everything else that I
have tried without problem. I can access all those sites using Netscape, so
the problem is definitely with IE6.

When it hangs I have to use control-alt-delete to get out of the frozen
site, and be able to regain control. I then get the microsoft window
apologizing for the error, and asking me to report it. If I accept, then
the computer hangs for good, and I have to reboot. So I click "don't send",
and all goes back to normal.

I normally connect under ADSL at 512k, but I have tried to use a 56k dial-up
connection, and the same has happened.

Any ideas on cause and cure?
Thank you