ieak - 1st deploy - questions

ieak - 1st deploy - questions

Post by hfs2 » Fri, 17 Sep 2004 23:41:54

New to ieak and have questions.

I want to use ieak to create N user based profiles defining
content - approved sites. I created a custom installation
(flat) with the customization wizard and installed
it on a client pc using the run window.
Obtained it from \ieak\builds\09162004\FLAT\WIN32\EN\ie6setup.exe.
Worked just great. Setup was silent install and reboot was

? Can this setup be called from the last line of a login script
without problems? All users already have ie6 installed.
Most are local administrators of their box.

? There was also another directory structure
\ieak\builds\09162004\INS\WIN32\EN, which I assume is the
directory that hold the 'custom' profile information. Is
that correct?

? To use the ieak profile manager must you first build and
install an ieak built ie distribution? Assume you must.

? When I went into the ieak profile manager to tweek the
approved sites, I started by selecting the install.ins
in the directory \ieak\builds\09162004\INS\WIN32\EN.
After modifying the list in "Security Zones and Content Ratings"
I went to save it; File->Save As. The dialog insists that
I enter a URL path to cabinet files. Must I? I must, or
it won't save, but I was hoping custom profile could be
applied in a login script that used a \\server\share\path
form. Do I have to have a web server running to do this
profile thing?

? Should I save each profile in the same directory but
with a new name?

? Once setup how can I apply a custom profile to the browser.
I can determine who the user is and so choose which ins
to select.

Customization Wizard - Stage 2 - Automatic Version Sync...

? I get a whole list of out of date components (yellow !).
On the right are three buttons, all greyed out. Why
can't I Upgrade, Synchronize or Synchronize All?
All our systems are maintained with SUS (which works

ieak - 1st deploy - questions

Post by Gerry Hick » Sun, 26 Sep 2004 05:57:00


That's not really the proper way to do it. Logging on is to do your
work, NOT time to start installing dumb software. You only have to do it
once every two years, not every day!

Yes. That's the initial location.


Basically "yes". You have to put the profile on a web server and then
you can either set up AutoProxy discovery (a bit scary) or set LAN
settings to hard code to the INS path on your web server. e.g.


This is all explained in the docs.

What's not so clear, is that it's essential this is an "intRanet" server
and you don't put the FQDN. You also have to adjust SecZones in your
initial setup ot allow unsigned ActiveX controls to install in the Local
Intranet zone, otherwise your cab files won't install when you adjust
your profile.

I've never tried to use multiple profiles.

Possibly using a proxy.pac file with if statements, or just hard code
each in the user's LAN settings.

All in all, I feel that what you're trying to do though - using multiple
profiles for "approved sites" could be highly impractical. You'll spend
all day updating URLs. Sites such as Yahoo use dozens of servers and
once you get into SSL and frames it will become absurd.

The IEAK works well when you just want to deploy an identical browser to
all desktops and adjust it's settings now and then (by updating the INS
file on your local web server), but for more advanced things it doesn't
really make the grade. You may have to run a real proxy server for that.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)


ieak - 1st deploy - questions

Post by hfs2 » Sun, 03 Oct 2004 04:28:56

I think you misunderstood me. I'm talking about just a ittybitty
part. The allowed sites. Sorry I didn't make that clear.
Updating a white list should be no big deal. All kinds of
parameters are set up at login. Anyways - it can't be done.
We went with a proxy that could identify users.

Thanks for the help.

That's not really the proper way to do it. Logging on is to do your
work, NOT time to start installing dumb software. You only have to do it
once every two years, not every day!