Ofoto Checkout Hangs

Ofoto Checkout Hangs

Post by allisonsha » Sun, 21 Nov 2004 07:33:14

I am on a dial-up connection to the internet and am on Internet
Explorer 6.02. I can add photos to my shopping cart, change
quantities, remove things from my shopping cart, but when I go to
click on "Checkout" my system hangs and doesn't do anything. Any

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I am trying to put photos in an album on this Kodak site and all of my
pictures will not enlarge completely. I have a Mac OS 9.1 with Internet
Explorer 5.1.6. The thumbnails are complete and instead of putting in 10
photos at a time, like they allow, I did 2 at a time. I had some complete
enlarged photos when they first went in but I am losing off the bottom as
time goes on, yet the thumbnails are still complete. My PC user friends can
look at my photos just fine.
I wrote Ofoto and they told me to empty my cache under the Edit Menu -
preferences - web browser - advanced - cache section, which I did.
Next, if that didn't work which it didn't, I should update to the
latest version of Internet Explorer. They do have a 5.1.7 to download but I
read some horror stories on the posted newsgroup e-mails so I am reluctant
to do it.
If I need to add more memory to IE, I don't know how to do that.
Please help with that. I can't think of anything else. Can anyone else?
Thanks, Adele < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

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