Outlook Express (XP) unable to download folders after SP2

Outlook Express (XP) unable to download folders after SP2

Post by Interdesig » Fri, 03 Dec 2004 01:51:54

After applying Windows XP Service Pack 2, my Outlook Express 6 was unable
to access mails on my personal Hotmail account, as usual.

After looking for many "solutions" I found nothing to work and really
solves it. I started to play with the http address reported by Outlook in
the error box "Code: 80004005", and noticed the IE new security feature
was asking for my response about services.msn.com was trying to access my
trusted site oe.hotmail.com

The solution was simple, add services.msn.com to my Trusted Sites list.
Problem solved!

To add a trusted site:


Tools, Internet Options, select Security tab, click "Trusted sites", then
"Sites" button, and be sure to add the following sites:


Due some MSN Messenger issues, I also found useful to add other sites as

Uncheck the "Require server verification (https:)..."

Ok, Apply.

Good luck,

Interdesigner Software Development


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